Listed below are some examples of mobile solutions that have been developed for previous customers. These specific solutions can be quickly adapted to work with your company or Centex Solutions can work directly with you for new, customized products that fit your specific requirements.


Lock OS

OS Lock Down Utility

LockOS is designed to enhance the security of mobile computer installations by restricting the users to specific applications and operations. We optionally password protect both the user application as well as access to the Operating System.


This product runs on CE.Net 4.2, PPC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5/6



General Purpose Inventory-Data Collection Application

Tracklite is a lightweight data collection application which runs on CE.Net, PPC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5/6. It has a simple and easy to learn GUI allowing users to quickly pick up the application.


The application is easily configurable for many different environments and has a very small footprint on the device. It is designed to be used in batch mode, creating output files in .csv, .txt, or .xml formats which can easily be imported into your host management software.

Assets are timestamped on collection to provide accurate reconciliation with host systems. The total number of assets that can be collected is only limited by the available memory on the device. Since this application is very lightweight, over 100,000 assets can be collected on even the lowest memory devices.



Inventory-Data Collection Application

ATrack is a robust and powerful data collection application that is designed to be operated in an always connected (wireless) or batch environment.


The application is highly configurable for many different environments. Using our installation scripts, we can create our own tables in your SQL server environment, isolating the asset collection tasks from your environment. ATrack works in connected or disconnected mode and will sync up with your host database if the connection was lost during operations.

We also provide a host window into your database of collected assets to assist administrators in monitoring the collections processes.



RFID Portal Application

Using the Symbol (Motorola) portal RFID readers, we have developed applications that allow customers to track movement of assets through portals/dock doors/computer rooms/office buildings, etc.

We have sources for RFID tags and can provide the experience and know how to help your company achieve its asset tracking and security concerns using the latest in RFID technology.


Simple and powerful Graphical User Interface for System Administrator. Assets are monitored entering/leaving controlled areas. Assets are logged into Microsoft SQL Server database.